If You Twerk Like This Lady, No Man Will Marry You’ Man Says (VIDEO)

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Twerk Like This Lady A man shared this video of a hot, beautiful, curvy lady twerking and then said ladies that twerk like this on social media won’t get decent men to marry them.

He said:

“Ladies, if you want a man that will love you, respect you & treat you right, you have to set standards for yourself, you have to respect yourself and not come on social media and be shaking your ass like this lady…. When you twerk like this what man would see you as a wife material? What man do you think will take you seriously, what man will want to bring you home to his family? He will only take advantage of you, use you and see you as sex object. Because you first gave him the impression of who you are. So if you wanna attract that right man, you have to respect yourself…. “

But Nigerian Celebrities are divided in their reactions.


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