Funny Ways Ladies Ask For Credit Online

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Funny Ways Ladies Ask For Credit Online

#1. BBM  :  when chatting with her. U will just see her message you “my subscription will expire tomorrow ” whats my business with that?? Message her two days after she will stil be available but won’t chat with u….she wants u to sub for her dats all.

#2. WHATSAPP  : After serious chatting you go just see am “I would love to continue chatting with you but my Mb is finished” so what make I do?? Be ready to send her card if u want the chat to continue.

#3. 2GO  : u go just see sum1 tell u “pls am currently on my way to see my mum in lagos she is sick bt am stranded along lagos – ibadan express way can u please send me credit so I can call her?” Ur mum sick u still get time to 2go?? Wetin u dey use browse? ?

Guys abi I lie
Please add any other formats u’ve seen or heard of.


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